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Irrelevant Useless Statistics

  • Number of journal articles (accepted or in print): 51
  • Number of distinct journals published in: 28
    • Ratio: 0.55
    • Most frequent journal: Applied Optics (7)
  • Number of distinct coauthors: 65 (an extra 13 from a single paper)
    • Number of coauthors with 4 or more coauthored papers: 7 (Tziperman, Caldeira, Kravitz, Keith, Andersen, Hall, Rasch)
    • Most frequent coauthor: tie; Ben Kravitz, at 8
  • Erdos number: 4 (Lall, Boyd, Diaconis)
  • According to The Mathematics Genealogy Project, 18 academic-generations back on my family tree is Isaac Newton, and 21 is Galileo.
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