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CDS 101/110a Schedule Recitations Piazza AM08 (errata)

This page contains the course schedule for CDS 101/110a. Lecture notes, slides, and audio recordings will be posted usually on the same day as class.

Week Date Topic Reading Homework
Introduction and Review
29 Sep (M) Introduction to Feedback and Control (L1-1, MP3) AM 1.1-1.2, 1.4-1.5 HW #1

soln #1

1 Oct (W) System Modeling. (L1-2, MP3) AM 2.1-2.4 (review)
3 Oct (F) Introduction to Feedback (L1-3, MP3)
Dynamic Behavior
6 Oct (M) Qualitative Analysis and Stability L2-1, MP3; AM 4.1-4.3 HW #2

soln #2

8 Oct (W) Stability Analysis (L2-2, MP3) AM 4.4
10 Oct (F) Lecture on Lyapunov stability (lecture notes (part 1), L2-3 (part 2))
Linear Systems
13 Oct (M) Linear Time-Invariant Systems (L3-1, MP3) AM 5.1-5.2 HW #3

soln #3

15 Oct (W) Linear Systems Analysis (L3-2, MP3) AM 5.4
17 Oct (F) Recitation
State and Output Feedback
20 Oct (M) State Feedback (L4-1, MP3; (sorry, recording incomplete)) AM 6.1-6.3 HW #4

soln #4

22 Oct (W) Observability and State Estimation (L4-2, MP3) AM 7.1--7.3
24 Oct (F) No class; institute academic holiday for new president ceremony
Reference Tracking and intro to Frequency Domain
27 Oct (M) State Estimation (cont'd) and Reference Tracking (L5-1, MP3) AM 6.4-6.5 Midterm guidelines
29 Oct (W) State Space Design and Laplace Transforms (L5-2, MP3) AM 7.5, 8.5
31 Oct (F) Midterm review In Annenberg(L5-3, MP3), cds101_review
Transfer Functions
3 Nov (M) Transfer Functions (L6-1, MP3) AM 8.1-8.2, 8.4 HW #5

soln #5

5 Nov (W) Frequency Response and Bode Plots (L6-2, MP3) AM 8.3-8.4
7 Nov (F) More on transfer functions and block diagrams (L6-3, MP3)
Loop Analysis
10 Nov (M) Stability of Feedback Systems (L7-1, MP3)L7_1_loopanal.m, AM 9.1-9.2 HW #6

soln #6

12 Nov (W) Nyquist Criterion (L7-2, MP3) AM 9.3-9.4
14 Nov (F) Recitation
Loop Shaping
17 Nov (M) Loop shaping and lead/lag Controller (L8-1, MP3) AM 11.1-11.3 HW #7

soln #7

19 Nov (W) Loop shaping, continued (L8-2, MP3) AM 11.6 (Examples 2.9, 11.6, 11.12)
21 Nov (F) Examples (L8-3, MP3)
Loop Shaping and Control Design, cont'd
24 Nov (M) Control Design using PID (L9-1, MP3) AM 10.1-10.3 HW #8

soln #8

26 Nov (W) Design Example (L9-2, MP3) AM 10.3, 10.5
28 Nov (F) No class (Thanksgiving)
Control Design
1 Dec (M) Limits of Performance (L10-1, MP3); L8_2_maglev.m Please pick up hardcopy of final outside 102 Steele
3 Dec (W) Control system implementation (L10-2, MP3);
  • Additional implementation notes: notes.m
5 Dec (F) Recitation, Final review (previous years)
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