CDS 101/110a, Fall 2012 - Recitation Schedule

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CDS 101/110a Schedule Recitations Piazza AM08 (errata)

This page contains materials used during the weekly recitations for CDS 101/110a. Please note that some of these are highly redundant, i.e., you can find all of this material elsewhere, such as in the course book and lecture notes.

7 Dec

  1. Final_Review_CDS110.pdf
  2. RHP_zero_Livingston-20121207.pdf -- concerning RHP zeros.
  3. final_rec_design_notes_Livingston-20121207.txt -- concerning the interactive design example.
  4. Raw video recordings of the recitation are available at Access is IP address restricted to Caltech. WARNING: These files are in the H.264 codec; each file has approximate size 1.9 GB. Smaller (lower-quality) videos in mpeg4 later will be posted 7 or 8 Dec. Please notify Scott <slivingston@...> of any difficulties with the recordings.

Previous recitations

  • 12 Oct
    • Jerry's notes -- it includes roughly what he covered in recitation including an example of plotting a phase portrait in Matlab.
    • Scott's notes
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