CDS 101/110 - Python Tutorial

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CDS 101/110a Schedule Recitations FAQ AM08 (errata)

  • A Python tutorial will be held in 328 SFL (the Multimedia Conference Room on the 3rd floor) on Monday, Oct. 8 from 7:00--9:00 pm.
  • Please bring your laptop with Python version 2.7 installed if possible; there are only a few additional computers available. I will assume basic familiarity with Python. "Basic" here means roughly that you can write and run a script; so, up to Chapter 5 or so of the tutorial. Do not worry if you are missing some details, but please do not walk in entirely oblivious.
  • You should also install

Make a decent effort at installing these yourself. If that fails, please contact Scott <slivingston @ the Institute> with questions, or to arrange a time to meet with you and help. If enough people ask, then I will arrange a pre-tutorial installfest. You should also consider using the Enthought Python Distribution, which may be freely available for students.

Second draft tutorial script:

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