Climate-related Research

Research topics:

  • The application of feedback analysis tools from control-engineering to research problems in climate dynamics; principally understanding geoengineering, and understanding climate variability.

  • The dynamics of intentional climate intervention (geoengineering, and solar radiation management in particular).  Research includes (i) using feedback to manage uncertainty, and illustrating the dynamic effect of changing natural variability, (ii) optimizing the distribution in space and time to "design" outcomes, and (iii) determining how long it takes to learn something from a full-scale test, based on signal-to-noise ratios.   

  • System identification tools from control-engineering, applied to climate systems, and to the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) and El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) in particular.  This provides a mechanism both for better understanding the Earth's climate system, and for comparing the dynamics of the real world with models at a mechanistic level rather than simply at the behavioural level.

  • Understanding how to develop robust feedback control strategies for high-dimensional, fundamentally nonlinear fluid systems; current research joint with Prof. Tim Colonius is in the context of flow control (e.g. fluid separation), but is relevant to understanding dynamics of intervention in the climate system.

  • I am also fascinated by the question of why people are so averse to believing in basic physics, but that isn't a subject I do research on...

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