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  • to add favourite current papers & projects.

other pages


  • tidy up topics and add introductions (definitions and Doyle's group approach to each topic)
  • check if papers listed on papers by topic are relevant or need updating
  • ensure papers appearing by topic also appear on papers by year


  • to update personel present and past

Research and J. Doyle’s Bio:

  • to expand and get edited by Prof. Doyle.
  • Group to contribute

Physiology page set up but need more content and more papers!!!

Network architecture and protocols needs editing - too long text and too general? Needs add interest with diagrams etc.,

Complex networks - add newer papers?

Add pages or create category for public website?

Find location for: <>

Meetings, Calendar, Tips maintenance

Students/Prof Doyle to edit/add to useful stuff to:

Tips: Research papers, Publishing and Other Trivia

Calendar to add Bio and Physio meetings at Caltech and related conferences, continue updating relevant CDS course links

Group Meetings- keep using it for group meetings


See section below new pages copied from old pages


Website needs

  • have Group members update the wiki!
  • more logical structure,
  • definition of terminology
  • define how Prof Doyle's group approaches each topic
  • to define and select "categories".
  • structure sections to public wanting to get into these areas of research
  • consider making website easier to find now that draft is almost done!!! eg redirect or ...

Links / Access

  • to add many more internal wiki links and add "categories"
  • to add "Presentations" (Hana/Lun adjusted LocalSettings.phpto allow ppt or pdf upload)
  • to update File permisssions last set by Lachlan and Lun July 2007.

Set up accounts:

  • login then to set up separate username/passwords

and check pages: Special pages:User list; Special pages: User rights management

    • someone else in Doyle's group need to take over setting up accounts


  • add more diagrams and images!

Other features that could be added to wiki

Case Sensitivity

To make page titles and usernames case-sensitive, added $wgCapitalLinks = false; to Local settings.php

Social networking bookmarks for downloads and adding social networking bookmarks like <> and <>

Version 1.10

Upgrading to Media Wiki 1.10 version also allows Private pages to viewed by restricted members. Data and files would need to be copied over to the new wiki.

Search and bibtex

Optional to copy page source from:
and put all papers into an array for bibtex and searching... (See array set up by David Wei and Lachlan Andrew and Hana at Netlab website)

Some one can copy code over and insert it into this wiki if this is worthwhile and not time consuming

Old webpages

new pages copied from old pages

The following pages has had text copied from Doyle's old website then reformatted and citations/links added.

Does someone copy over old external links and files/slides next? Papers/Books have been mostly uploaded to wiki (and also appears on Papers by year)

Wiki page Most Content from old website page
Complexity and robustness <>
Complex_networks <>
J. Doyle’s Bio
J. Doyle's Bio Athletics

text and photos copied to (only a few things listed for period 2000-2008 in Aug-Jul 2008)