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This is extremely out of date.

Nikolai's research aims to develop theoretical and computational methods for the design and understanding of large-scale distributed systems, such as the smart grid, the internet and the human sensorimotor system. To make progress towards this goal, he leverages and develops tools using convex analysis and optimization, as well as distributed optimal control theory, with an emphasis on rigor and applicability. Website
Seungil's research interests lie in applying mathematical optimization to various problems, with an emphasis on the use of semidefinite programming in the contexts of robust control theory and of optimal control of energy systems. Website
Yoke Peng's research applies feedback control theory to robotics and neuroscience, with a focus on human sensorimotor control. Website
Yorie Nakahira
Yorie's research studies the fundamental limits of optimal control subject to realistic communication constraints, with a look towards applications in neuroscience.
Mickey's research goal is to develop an optimal control theory for large-scale systems based on the notion of localizability. He also aims to apply the theory to designing scalable optimal control strategies for the smart grid, transportation systems, and computer networks. Website