Robert Karol

BS (minor)
Thesis title: 
Peak Seeking Controller for Real Time Mobile Satellite Tracking
Thesis abstract: 

Increasingly tightened restrictions on antenna beam-width force the use of higher per- formance hardware in gimbaled satellite systems. The need for more precise hardware is forcing the price of gimbal-mounted satellites antennas higher. In addition to the in- creased cost, as more satellites are launched every year, the demand for radar dishes which can receive data from the new satellites grows. Although algorithms capable of tracking a satellite with a mobile antenna have been developed and characterized in de- tail, instabilities in the system and cross-axis effects degrade the systems performance. Since an increase in tracking capability would be most beneficial if it did not require ex- tensive hardware changes, this project focuses on improvements to the conical scanning algorithm. An algorithm which is one of the oldest, and most common mobile satellite tracking system implementations. Initial work was done on developing and characterizing a new estimator which could be used while continuing to scan the antenna with as few software modifications as possible. After successful development, work was done to elimi- nate the induced scanning motion and gain observability in the system using nothing but the noise inherent in the system.