Nikolai Matni


Modern cyber-physical systems such as the Internet of Things, software defined networks and the smart-grid are large-scale, distributed, interconnected, and dynamic. While layered control architectures have become ubiquitous and arguably necessary in achieving predictable and desirable behavior, there is no general theory that offers a principled approach to their design. My research aims to address this gap by developing a theory that incorporates layering, dynamics, optimization and control into a unified framework. To do so, I draw heavily on tools from distributed optimal control and convex optimization: please see my research page for an overview of current research projects, and the talk below for an accessible introduction (aimed at a general audience) to some of the ideas behind my work.

Recent and Upcoming Travel

  • April 6: LIDS Seminar at MIT
  • April 5: Seminar at Harvard
  • March 31: Seminar at McGill
  • Feb 1: USC CommNetS Seminar
  • Jan 13: Seminar at UCSB
  • Dec 12-14: atending CDC 2016 in Las Vegas. Check out our tutorial paper on teaching control theory to high schoolers!

Job application material

I am currently on the academic job market: please find links to my application material below. I am happy to provide publication preprints and additional references upon request.


Research Overview

At a Glance