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* Mary Dunlop
* Mary Dunlop
* John Carson
* John Carson
If you want to come email either John Carson or Mary Dunlop.
= Pictures =
= Pictures =

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John and Mary are organizing a winter Murray Group trip to Yosemite this year. We'll be staying in heated cabins in Yosemite valley.


Possible Trip Dates

We've narrowed down possible trip dates based on Richard's schedule. Here are the options:

12-14 Jan

9-11 Feb

16-18 Feb

23-25 Feb

Trip Itinerary

  • Friday - Meet early in the morning and drive to Yosemite. Check into cabins and do a short hike.
  • Saturday - Skiing! Yosemite has both cross country skiing and a small downhill ski area. You can rent skis, snowboards, and snowshoes there.
  • Sunday - Day hike in the morning, return to Pasadena in the afternoon/evening.

Information about Yosemite


  • Richard Murray
  • Mary Dunlop
  • John Carson


These pictures are from the 2003 Murray Group winter trip to Yosemite.

Richard, Lars, and Domitilla
Half Dome