Towards Assume-Guarantee Profiles for Autonomous Vehicles

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Title Towards Assume-Guarantee Profiles for Autonomous Vehicles
Authors Tung Phan-Minh, Karena X. Cai, Richard M. Murray
Source Submitted, 2019 Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)
Abstract Rules or specifications for autonomous vehicles are currently formulated on a case-by-case basis, and put together in a rather ad-hoc fashion. As a step towards eliminating this practice, we propose a systematic procedure for generating a set of supervisory specifications for self-driving cars that are 1) associated with a distributed assume-guarantee structure and 2) characterizable by the notion of consistency and completeness. Besides helping autonomous vehicles make better decisions on the road, the assume-guarantee contract structure also helps address the notion of blame when undesirable events occur. We give several game-theoretic examples to demonstrate applic bility of our framework.
Type Conference paper
Tag pcm19-cdc
ID 2019d