Summer 2007 Murray Group Trip

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The proposed group trip this summer is camping on Catalina Island or some other more local beach. Below is a list of possible dates for the trip, followed by some camping options that are available for each set of dates. If you are interested in attending, please add your name below at least one of the date options. In parethenses after your name please put the number corresponding to your preference in this choice (1, 2, or 3) and the letter(s) corresponding to the camping option(s) you prefer (list of camping options can be found below).

Possible Dates

  1. August 22-24 (Wednesday - Friday)
    • NAME (preference #, camping options)
  2. August 24-26 (Friday - Saturday)
  3. August 25-27 (Saturday - Monday)

Camping Options

  • a - any available camping option
  • b - boat-in camping on Catalina
  • l - Little Harbor campsite on Catalina (available only on 1)
  • m - Blackjack campsite on Catalina
  • o - camping on a beach that's not on Catalina (available only on 2, 3)

The following descriptions have been copied from the Santa Catalina Island Company's website.

Santa Catalina Island’s Boat-In Campsites allow you to enjoy true seclusion along the amazing Pacific coast. There are 17 sites at nine locations around the northeast shore of Avalon. These campsites can only be reached by boat or kayak, and you must pack in your own equipment and supplies. A ranger checks each campground every day. Each Boat-In Campsite is unique in location and regulations. The sites are all primitive, with no running water, shade structures, moorings or sanitation stations. Campers are required to bring their own portable restroom and pack out any trash or waste. Because fires are not allowed, cooking must be done in a self-contained BBQ or camp stove.

Rated "One of the Best Campgrounds in the West" by Sunset Magazine, Little Harbor Campground is perfect for campers who enjoy playing on the beach or in the water. Located about seven miles east of Two Harbors and 16 miles from Avalon, Little Harbor is a sandy, beachfront campground with lots of opportunities for recreation. Facilities and activities include BBQ and fire ring, showers, fresh water, chemical toilets, lockers, and kayak and snorkel gear rentals are available from Wet Spot Rentals daily.

The Blackjack Campground is nestled among pine and eucalyptus trees near 2,097-foot Mt. Orizaba, Santa Catalina Island’s highest peak. At 1,600 feet above sea level, the facility provides eleven campsites with sweeping views of rolling terrain to the ocean. Situated several miles from both Avalon and Two Harbors, Blackjack Campground offers tranquility in the island’s interior. Facilities and activities include picnic tables, BBQ and fire ring, showers, fresh water, chemical toilets, and lockers.