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  1. A Testbed for Nonlinear Flight Control Techniques: The Caltech Ducted Fan
  2. A bio-plausible design for visual attitude stabilization
  3. A bio-plausible design for visual pose stabilization
  4. A bootstrappable bio-plausible design for visual pose stabilization
  5. A geometric and structural approach to the analysis and design of biological circuit dynamics: a theory tailored for synthetic biology
  6. A group-theoretic approach to formalizing bootstrapping problems
  7. A hovercraft robot that uses insect-inspired visual autocorrelation for motion control in a corridor
  8. A modal interface contract theory for guarded input/output automata with an application in traffic system design
  9. A population-based temporal logic gate for timing and recording chemical events
  10. A robust model predictive control algorithm augmented with a reactive safety mode
  11. A stochastic framework for the design of transient and steady state behavior of biochemical reaction networks
  12. A typo in equation (6.24).
  13. Aaron Ames, October 2012
  14. Academic Ancestry
  15. Academic Descendants
  16. Account Information
  17. Active Control of Integrated Inlet/Compression Systems: Initial Results
  18. Active Control of Rotating Stall Using Pulsed Air Injection: A Parametric Study on a Low-Speed, Axial Flow Compressor
  19. Active Control of an Axial Flow Compressor via Pulsed Air Injection
  20. Actuation of Synthetic Cells Via Proto-Flagellar Motors

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