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Robust Multi-Layer Control Systems for Cooperative Cellular Behaviors
Agency DARPA  +
End date 18 October 2020  +
Grant number HR0011-17-2-0008  +
ID DARPA BioCon  +
Start date 19 October 2016  +
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Robust Multi-Layer Control Systems for Cooperative Cellular Behaviors + , Robust Multi-Layer Control Systems for Cooperative Cellular Behaviors + , Robust Multi-Layer Control Systems for Cooperative Cellular Behaviors + , Robust Multi-Layer Control Systems for Cooperative Cellular Behaviors +
Categories Project , Biocircuits projects , Active projects
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27 December 2018 05:55:05  +
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Ayush Pandey + , Chelsea Hu + , Leopold Green + , Mark Prator + , Michaelle Mayalu + , Reed McCardell + , Xinying (Cindy) Ren + Current project
A geometric and structural approach to the analysis and design of biological circuit dynamics: a theory tailored for synthetic biology + , AFOSR BRI, DARPA BioCon + , An automated model reduction tool to guide the design and analysis of synthetic biological circuits + , Bacterial Controller Aided Wound Healing: A Case Study in Dynamical Population Controller Design + , Cell-free and in vivo characterization of Lux, Las, and Rpa quorum activation systems in E. coli + , Control of bacterial population density with population feedback and molecular sequestration + , Control of density and composition in an engineered two-member bacterial community + , Cooperation Enhances Robustness of Coexistence in Spatially Structured Consortia + , Design Guidelines For Sequestration Feedback Networks + , Design of a genetic layered feedback controller in synthetic biological circuitry + , Fast and flexible simulation and parameter estimation for synthetic biology using bioscrape + , Hard Limits And Performance Tradeoffs In A Class Of Sequestration Feedback Systems + , Layered Feedback Control Improves Robust Functionality across Heterogeneous Cell Populations + , Long-distance communication in synthetic bacterial consortia through active signal propagation + , Model Reduction Tools For Phenomenological Modeling of Input-Controlled Biological Circuits + , Model of Paradoxical Signaling Regulated T-Cell Population Control for Design of Synthetic Circuits + , Population regulation in microbial consortia using dual feedback control + , Quantitative Modeling of Integrase Dynamics Using a Novel Python Toolbox for Parameter Inference in Synthetic Biology + , Role of interaction network topology in controlling microbial population in consortia + , Single day construction of multi-gene circuits with 3G assembly + ... Funding
Andrew Halleran + , Andrey Shur + Other projects
Anandh Swaminathan + , Ania Baetica + , James Parkin + , Samuel Clamons + , Victoria Hsiao + Previous projects
DARPA BioCon + redirect page


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