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This page contains a brief summary of my group's current research activities, broken up into the three main areas that cover 90% of our activities. More information is available on the individual project pages below and also in the recent publications from my group.

Biomolecular Feedback Systems


Feedback systems are a central part of natural biological systems and an important tool for engineering biocircuits that behave in a desirable fashion. The figure at the right gives a brief overview of the approach we are taking to both synthetic and systems biology. There are three main elements to our research:

  • Modeling and analysis for feedback systems - we are working to develop rigorous tools for analyzing the behavior (~phenotype) of complex biomolecular systems based on data-driven models. We are particularly interested in systems involving feedback, since causal reasoning often fails in these systems due to the interaction of multiple components and pathways. Work in this are includes system identification, theory for understanding the role of feedback, and methods for building and analyzing models built using high-throughput datasets.
  • Design of biomolecular feedback circuits
  • Biomolecular "wind tunnel"

Current projects:

Robotics and Autonomy

Current projects:

Networked Control Systems

Current projects: