Physical Biology Boot Camp

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These are notes from the Physical Biology Boot Camp that I participated in on 8-14 Oct 06 at Caltech.

About the boot camp



  • Rob Phillips (Caltech ME/APh)
  • Hernan Garcia (Caltech Ph)
  • Tristan Ursell (Caltech APh)
  • Paul Grayson
  • Lin Han
  • Heun Jin Lee
  • Eric Peterson
  • Frosso Seitaridou
  • Dave Wu
  • Tabita Winther


  • Noah (UC Santa Cruz)
  • Alberto (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Kipom Kim (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Noah (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Joe Varley (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Dan Brox (Caltech)
  • Tim (Stuttgart)
  • Michael Turk
  • Elisabeth Villa (UIUC)
  • David
  • Justin

Visiting faculty

  • Joel (U. Michigan)


  • Stephanie
  • Julie
  • Jenny


There are basically four parts of boot camp:

  • DNA Science - learning how to manipulate DNA
  • Size of things - learning the various spatial scales in biology
  • Rate of things - learning the various temporal scales in biology
  • Project - a small project, working with a graduate student or visitor

Size of things

Rate of things

DNA Science

Project: Gene Expression