Physical Biology Boot Camp

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These are notes from the Physical Biology Boot Camp that I participated in on 8-14 Oct 06 at Caltech.

About the boot camp



  • Rob Phillips (Caltech ME/APh)
  • Hernan Garcia (Caltech Ph)
  • Tristan Ursell (Caltech APh)
  • Paul Grayson
  • Lin Han
  • Heun Jin Lee
  • Eric Peterson
  • Frosso Seitaridou
  • Dave Wu
  • Tabita Winther
  • Noah (UC Santa Cruz)
  • Alberto (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Kipom Kim (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Noah (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Joe Varley (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Dan Brox (Caltech)
  • Tim (Stuttgart)
  • Michael Turk
  • Elisabeth Villa (UIUC)
  • David
  • Justin
Visiting faculty
  • Joel (U. Michigan)


  • Stephanie
  • Julie
  • Jenny


There are basically four parts of boot camp:

  • DNA Science - learning how to manipulate DNA
  • Size of things - learning the various spatial scales in biology
  • Rate of things - learning the various temporal scales in biology
  • Project - a small project, working with a graduate student or visitor

Size of things

In the "size of things" section of the boot camp, we learned how to use microscopes to take (calibrated) measurements of various cells.

Rate of things

DNA Science

Project: Gene Expression