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(Monday, 5 March)
(Wednesday, 14 Mar)
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==== Wednesday, 14 Mar ====
==== Wednesday, 14 Mar ====
{{agenda begin}}
{{agenda begin}}
{{agenda item|3:30p|Open}}
{{agenda item|3:30p|Tim}}
{{agenda item|4:30p|Open}}
{{agenda item|4:30p|Open}}
{{agenda item|5:30p|Melvin}}
{{agenda item|5:30p|Melvin}}

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The list below has times that I am available to meet between 5 and 16 March. Please pick a time that works and fill in your name. If none of the times work, send me e-mail (or find someone else who has a slot that does work and figure out how much of a bribe is required to get them to switch). Please only sign up for one time slot; if we need to meet a second time we can arrange that separately.

Monday, 5 March

3:00p   Tim
4:00p   Ling

Tuesday, 6 March

3:00p   Open
4:00p   stefano
5:00p   Zhipu

Wednesday, 7 March

12:00p   Julia

Sunday, 11 Mar

4:00p   Open
5:00p   Open
6:00p   Open

Monday, 12 Mar

9:30a   Mary
10:30a   Open

Wednesday, 14 Mar

3:30p   Tim
4:30p   Open
5:30p   Melvin

Thursday, 15 Mar

6:00p   Open
7:00p   Open

Friday, 16 Mar

6:00p   Fei