HW4 Prob 3 Hint

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Since how to calculate the transform needed to find the B matrix for the convolution equation has not been introduced, please use this vector for the B matrix: Failed to parse (unknown function '\math'): B = [ 0 1 ]^T<\math>. For those of you who want a challenge, you can find the transformation matrix T by finding the eigenvectors associated with the eigenvalues of the A matrix of the damped spring-mass equation in normalized coordinates (lecture 4.1, slide 8). Your convolution equation should solve for x(t). The first part of this problem is to show that the matrix exponential equals the matrix given in Prob 5.3... don't forget to do that part! --~~~~ <!>[[Category: CDS 101/110 FAQ - Lecture 4-3]] <!>[[Category: CDS 101/110 FAQ - Homework 4, Fall 2007]]