Elahe Aghapour, Feb 2019

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Elahe Aghapour is a Ph.D. student at University of California, Riverside, working with Prof. Jay A. Farrell. Her work is focused was on autonomous vehicle control, divided in three sub-projects, a) Risk-averse performance specified state estimation which is an optimization based approach to select a subset of good measurements when measurements may be affected by outliers, b) system identification and data driven method for human action prediction using behavioral approach, and c) mixed sample rate nonlinear smoothing.

19 Feb 2019 (Tue)

  • ~8:45 am: arrival
  • 9 am: seminar, 115 Gates-Thomas
  • 10 am: Tung and Karena?
  • 11a: Aaron, Gates-Thomas
  • 11:30: Richard, 107 Steele
  • 12p: lunch with Yuxiao and Reza (meet at Richard's office)
  • 1:15p: Open
  • 2:00p: Open
  • 2:45p: Open
  • 3:30p: Open (short slot)
  • 4p: final meeting with Richard
  • 4:30p: done for the day