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CS/EE/ME 75 Organization Schedule Team wiki Public site

This page contains the schedule for the course, linked to the Formula SAE electric project schedule and deliverables. Each term is a separate section, listed here in reverse chronological order.

Fall 2015

Activities in Fall 2015 are focused on the design development phase of the competition.

Project GOTChA chart

This quad chart gives a snapshot of the planned activities for the term, at a high level. This information is presented here in the form of a GOTChA chart. [Note: preliminary version, 18 Aug 2015]


  • Build a highly effective team with the skills and insights required to build an electric vehicle from scratch
  • Complete a design that is compliant with the rules and will win the Formula SAE Electric competition

Technical Challenges

  • Very short timeline to produce working design, with minimal FSAE experience
  • Lack of expertise in assembling and welding frame (design bottleneck)
  • Meeting technical inspection requirements (competition bottleneck)
  • Lack of expertise in high voltage electronics (design bottleneck, safety issue)


  • Monitor system-level requirements and budget allocations for weight and cost of components as design is evolving
  • Create compliant designs for all components and review design choices by the end of the term
    • Midterms: clearly defined requirements for each component (performance, cost, weight)
    • Finals: compliant design, with evidence of viability (prototype, vendor quote, etc)
  • Train all CS/EE/ME 75 students in safety procedures and create protocols required for safe testing, operations
  • Make enough progress in first term to build complete vehicle by end of second term
    • Finalize and build plan for the vehicle frame and begin construction (mechanical)
    • Complete a validated energetics design that will pass technical inspection (energetics)
    • Create infrastructure required for divisions to optimize their designs with testing and simulation (operations)


  • Have working core equipment (eg, motors, battery pack) working to allow testing as soon as the students are ready
  • Create simulation and testing environments that will allow design space exploration of mechanical and energetic systems
  • Know the Formula SAE Electric rules by heart

Course schedule

Week Date Topic Reading/Activities Homework
28 Sep (M) Organizational meeting
  • Submit signup and scheduling sheet by Wed @ noon to box outside 109 Steele
  • Read Formula SAE rules and baseline design descriptions (see HW #1)
  • Division assignments (required for HW #1) will be available by Thursday (1 Oct)
HW #1
  • Formula SAE Electric competition rules
  • Collaboration tools (Slack, Confluence)
  • Crew (subsystem) baseline description
5 Oct (M) Project schedule
  • Overall Formula SAE Electric schedule [TBD]
  • GOTChA charts [Richard]
  • Meetings and minutes

Division meetings start.

HW #2: Division schedules, subsystem GOTChAs
12 Oct (M)* System specifications
  • Baseline specifications [TBD]
  • Documentation format [TBD]
HW #3: TBD
19 Oct (M)+ Safety
  • Review of safety for high voltage electric systems
  • Safety procedures for CS/EE/ME 75
HW #4: TBD
26 Oct (M) Design reviews
  • Role and purpose of design reviews
  • Expectations for midterm and final reviews for Fall 2015
Requirements review (midterms)
2 Nov (M)+ Division presentation - operations (TBD)
9 Nov (M) Division presentation - mechanical (TBD)
16 Nov (M)* Division presentation - energetics (TBD)
23 Nov (M)+ Division presentation - support (TBD)
30 Nov (M) Plans for Winter 2016 (IPT)
TBD Subsystem design review (finals)