CDS 140b Spring 2014 Homework 2

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R. Murray, D. MacMartin Issued: 9 Feb 2014 (Wed)
CDS 140b, Spring 2014 Due: 16 Feb 2014 (Wed)

Note: In the upper left hand corner of the second page of your homework set, please put the number of hours that you spent on this homework set (including reading).


  1. Perko, Section 3.3, problem 5. Show that

    \dot x &=y+y(x^2+y^2)\\ \dot y &=x-x(x^2+y^2)


    is a Hamiltonian system with $4H(x,y)=(x^2+y^2)^2-2(x^2-y^2)$. Show that $dH/dt=0$ along solution curves of this system and therefore that solution curves of this system are given by




    Show that the origin is a saddle for this system and that $(\pm 1,0)$ are centers for this system. (Note the symmetry with respect to the $x$-axis.) Sketch the two homoclinic orbits corresponding to $C=0$ and sketch the phase portrait for this system. (You need not comment on the compound separatrix cycle.)