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This lecture provides a detailed description of the vehicle control system for Alice, emphasizing the messaging interfaces and multi-threaded control architecture. We describe in detail the code for Follow, a simple control system used in CDS 110b. Key aspects of follow include the user interface (implemented with Sparrow), the interfaces to the state estimator, path planner and actuation subsystem (implemented with Skynet and DGCutils) and the trajectory tracking control itself (implemented with Falcon).

Lecture Materials


  • [[Media:foo06-adrive.pdf|Asynchronous Network Control of Multiple Low Bandwidth Devices using Linux], T. Foote. E11 paper, 2006. This paper, by Team Caltech member Tully Foote, describes how adrive works in a fair bit of detail, including the multi-threaded nature of its design, and gives some performance measures.<p>

== Additional Resources ==