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(List of group members using this class)
(List of group members using this class)
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=== List of group members using this class ===
=== List of group members using this class ===
PhD students: {{#ask: [[Category:Group member]] [[Current position::PhD student]] | format=count}}
{{#ask: [[Category:Group member]] [[Current position::PhD student]] | format=count}} PhD students,
{{#ask: [[Category:Group member]] [[Current position::Postdoc]] | format=count}} postdocs,
{{#ask: [[Category:Group member]] [[Current position::Technician]] | format=count}} technicians,
{{#ask: [[Category:Group member]] [[Current position::Undergraduate]] | format=count}} undergraduates,
{{#ask: [[Category:Group member]] [[Current position::Visitor]] | format=count}} visitors,
{{#ask: [[Category:Group member]] [[Current position::Alumni]] | format=count}} alumni.
  [[Category:Group member]]
  [[Category:Group member]]

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This page contains information about the Group members class, used for keeping track of people in the group.

Class structure

A project is a page in the Group member with the properties listed below. This category is used to list people who are part of projects. Eventually it may also be used to keep track of authors on papers.

Required properties

Name Description
First name
Last name

Optional properties

Name Description
Current project
Other projects
Previous projects
Graduation date

Templates and Actions

List of group members using this class

17 PhD students, 4 postdocs, 3 technicians, 0 undergraduates, 0 visitors, 23 alumni.

Group member Position Primary project Other projects Previous projects
Apurva Badithela PhD student AFOSR T&E
Ania Baetica Alumni AFOSR BRI, DARPA BioCon
Karena Cai PhD student
Nancy Cao Alumni GBMF PMTI
Samuel Clamons PhD student NSF MPP2 HFSP TX-TL, ONR MURI, DARPA BioCon
Sumanth Dathathri Alumni DARPA ALES, SRC TerraSwarm
Chuchu Fan Alumni DARPA ALES
Jonathan Feldstein Alumni JPL CIF17
Ioannis Filippidis Alumni SRC TerraSwarm, DENSO CPM
David Garcia Postdoc Rosen Simple Cell
Jin Ge Alumni
Josefine Graebener PhD student DENSO CPM
Leopold Green Postdoc DARPA BioCon
Shaobin Guo Alumni ONR MURI, Amgen TX-TL
Sofie Haesaert Alumni JPL CIF17, JPL PDF17
Andrew Halleran PhD student AFOSR BRI DARPA BioCon, ARO ICB
Clare Hayes Alumni GBMF PMTI, Synvitrobio SBIR, ONR MURI, Caltech Grubstake
Victoria Hsiao Alumni DARPA BioCon, ARO ICB
Chelsea Hu Postdoc DARPA BioCon
Zoila Jurado PhD student
Manisha Kapasiawala PhD student NSF EAGER
Lani Kim Alumni GBMF PMTI
Elin Larsson Technician RSI Soil Syn Bio
Geoffroy Le Courtois Du Manoir Research Engineer AFOSR T&E
John Marken PhD student RSI Soil Syn Bio AICB MRSB ICB Microbial
Michaelle Mayalu Postdoc DARPA BioCon ARO GMB
Reed McCardell PhD student DARPA BioCon
Catharine (Cat) McGhan Alumni KISS RSS
John McManus Alumni
Joe Meyerowitz PhD student
Andrew Montequin Alumni NSF MPP2
Ayush Pandey PhD student DARPA BioCon
Ivan Papusha Alumni Boeing
James Parkin PhD student ICB Materials DARPA BioCon, ICB Microbial
Tung Phan PhD student DENSO CPM
William Poole PhD student NSF MPP2
Mark Prator Technician DARPA BioCon Amgen TX-TL, Synvitrobio SBIR
Xinying (Cindy) Ren PhD student DARPA BioCon AFOSR BRI
Sean Sanchez Alumni HFSP TX-TL
Andrey Shur PhD student AICB MRSB GBMF PMTI, DARPA BioCon, ARO ICB
Vipul Singhal Alumni Synvitrobio SBIR, NSF MPP, AFOSR BRI
Anandh Swaminathan Alumni AFOSR BRI, DARPA BioCon
Anu Thubagere Alumni NSF MPP2
Alex White Alumni Caltech Grubstake
Rory Williams PhD student Rosen Simple Cell ICB Microbial, AICB MRSB
Yong Wu Alumni GBMF PMTI
Enoch Yeung Alumni AFOSR BRI
Miki Yun Technician