ITR 2003

Information Dynamics for Networked Feedback Systems

John Doyle (CDS/EE) Michelle Effros (EE) Babak Hassibi (EE)
Steven Low (CS/EE) Richard Murray (CDS/ME) Leonard Schulman (CS)

Center for the Mathematics of Information
California Institute of Technology

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Project overview

This project is developing a new framework for investigating the dynamics of information in complex, interconnected systems. The key technical thrusts of the project are: (1) real-time information theory, (2) robust control of networks, (3) packet-based control theory,and (4) computational complexity of network systems. Each of these thrusts explores aspects of information systems that must interact with the real-world in a manner that requires careful control of the timing of the computation and the evolution of the information state of the system. While diverse in application, these thrusts represent a common core of intellectual thrusts that integrate computer science, control, and communications.

The results of the proposed research are being evaluated on two testbeds already at Caltech. The first is the Multi-Vehicle Wireless Testbed, which provides a distributed environment for control of 8-10 vehicles performing cooperative tasks in a real-time environment. The second is the WAN in Lab, a wide area network consisting of high speed servers, programmable routers, electronic crossconnects, and long haul fibers with associated optical amplifiers, dispersion compensation modules and optical multiplexers.


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