High Confidence Reconfigurable Distributed Control

Mani Chandy    John Doyle    Richard Murray
California Institute of Technology

John Hauser
University of Colorado

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Project Overview

The theme of our research is the development of distributed control systems that can be dynamically reconfigured and in which DoD can have high confidence. In this project we are developing the underlying theory, building software tools, and experimentally implementing our results.  This project is part of the Online Control Customization (OCC) task for the Software Enabled Control program (Helen Gill, program manager).


  • Optimization-based, hierarchical control architectures for motion control systems
  • Theoretical framework for multi-vehicle coordination and distributed control
  • Exploration of of trajectory spaces for aggressive flight vehicles
  • Experimental implementation using the Caltech Ducted Fan

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Mani Chandy (CS)

John Doyle (CDS)

Jason Hickey (CS)

Richard Murray (CDS)

Bill Dunbar (CDS)

Ali Jadbabaie (CDS)

Mark Milam (CDS)


John Hauser Rick Hindman

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