Mixed Initiative Control of Automa-teams

Richard Murray
California Institute of Technology


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Project Overview

This project is part of the DARPA Mixed Initiative Control of Automa-teams (MICA) program. Caltech is part of two MICA projects:

This web page contains information on the Caltech activities associated with both of these programs.

Recent Papers and Software

Several papers and software packages are available describing the developed in this program. Some of the links below describe work done under other programs that are further built upon here. The source of the funding for work not supported by the MICA program is listed in brackets at the end of the entry.

Recent Presentations and Status Reports


Faculty: Richard Murray (PI; ME/CDS), Jason Hickey (CS)

Postdocs: Feng-Li Lian (CDS), Adam Hayes

Students: Zhipu Jin, Dave van Gogh, Steve Waydo

Collaborations, Related Projects, and Additional Info