Integrated Control of
Inlet/Compression Systems

Jim Paduano   Choon Tan   Gerald Guennette
MIT Gas Turbine Laboratory

Jeff Philhower
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Michelle Bright
NASA Glenn Research Center
Wayne Hurwitz
Pratt & Whitney

This research is aimed at developing and demonstrating an approach to active feedback control of the global system instability modes of a inlet and compression system. Controlling the integrated system rather than just the local micro-scale flow features offers the additional synergistic and practical benefits that relatively few, robust, low bandwidth actuators and sensors are needed compared to other approaches such as active boundary layer flow control. This offers the advantages of simplicity and near term control hardware availability, even for full sized flight systems. Our approach will be demonstrated by stabilization of a full scale UCAV inlet-compressor system at NASA Glenn Research Center. The goal of stabilization is to enable design of agressive inlets that reduce capture area, length, observability, as well as other performance bennefits.

Northrop Grumman scaled UCAV inlet to be outfitted with actuators and sensors and test at MIT-GTL during Phase I.



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