CDS 101/110 Video Links

The links below bring up streaming video for the lectures in the class. To view these, you will need the Real Networks player, which is available from For the Wednesday lectures, the videos are in two parts (first hour, second hour).

For best viewing, you need to have a fast connection to the Caltech network.

Many thanks to Beth Wildanger and the Caltech Digital Media Center for helping make these lectures avalailable online.

Lecture Date Speaker Topic (click for lecture materials) Comments
L1.1 30 Sep 02 R. Murray Introduction to feedback not available online
L1.2a, L1.2b 2 Oct 02 R. Murray Control technology not available online
L2.1 7 Oct 02 R. Murray System modeling hard to see presentation
L2.2a, L2.2b 9 Oct 02 D. MacMartin Modeling of physical systems hard to see boards
L3.1 14 Oct 02 R. Murray Stability and performance  
L3.2a, L3.2b 16 Oct 02 R. Murray Lyapunov stability  
L4.1 21 Oct 02 R. Murray Linear systems  
L4.2a, L4.2b 23 Oct 02 R. Murray Linear systems analysis  
L5.1 28 Oct 02 R. Murray Controllability and state space feedback  
L5.2a, L5.2b 30 Oct 02 R. Murray State space analaysis  
L6.1 4 Nov R. Murray Transfer functions  
L6.2a, L6.2b 6 Nov D. MacMartin Bode plots and performance specification  
L7.1 11 Nov R. Murray Loop analysis of feedback systems  
L7.2a, L7.2b 13 Nov R. Murray Nyquist analysis, second order systems, time delay  
L8.1 18 Nov R. Murray Frequency domain control design  
L8.2a, L8.2b 20 Nov R. Murray Ducted fan design example  
L9.1 25 Nov R. Murray PID control and root locus  
L9.2a, L9.2b 27 Nov R. Murray Root locus analysis, performance limits  
L10.1 2 Dec R. Murray Uncertainty analysis  
L10.2 4 Dec R. Murray Motion control systems Not yet available