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== Lecture Materials ==
== Lecture Materials ==
* [[Lecture: Transfer Functions]]
* [[Lecture: Transfer Functions]]
* [[#Homework|Additional Homework Problems]]
* [[#Exercises|Additional Exercises]]
== Supplemental Information ==
== Supplemental Information ==

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This chapter introduces the concept of the transfer function, which is a compact description of the input-output relation for a linear system. Combining transfer functions with block diagrams gives a powerful method of dealing with complex systems. The relationship between transfer functions and other system descriptions of dynamics is also discussed.

Textbook Contents

Transfer Functions (pdf, 16Sep06)

  • 1. Frequency Domain Analysis
  • 2. Derivation of the Transfer Function
  • 3. Block Diagrams and Transfer Functions
  • 4. The Bode Plot
  • 5. Transfer Functions from Experiments
  • 6. Laplace Transforms
  • 7. Further Reading
  • 8. Exercises

Lecture Materials

Supplemental Information

Chapter Summary

This chapter introduces the concept of a transfer functon for a linear input/output system.


Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information

  • Lew03, Chapter 3 - provides a very complete mathematical description of transfer functions, written in the language of Laplace transforms