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A solutions manual for instructors is available containing exercises and solutions for Feedback Systems. In addition to the exercises listed in the text, additional exercises are included here that are of a more specialized nature or too long to easily fit in the text.

The solutions manual is only available to instructors and will not be distributed online or made available to students. Instructors who are sent the solutions manual must agree not to post the solutions on publicly accessible Internet sites or otherwise make them available to students outside of the course for which it is being used. To obtain the solutions manual, please contact Princeton University Press.

Instructors are welcome to contribute additional exercises or improved solutions, which will be included in future editions of the solutions manual at the authors' discretion. Interested instructors should contact the authors for information about formatting and style for contributed exercises and solutions.

Solutions manual status:

  • 31 May 08: version 1.2 released; this is a draft of the manual, to be displayed at ACC
  • List of available problems and solution status - this page lists all of the problems that are available and the status of solutions. This page is intended for internal use, but may be useful for instructors who wish to know which exercises have solutions available.