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This page contains a list of the exercises in the text, including supplemental problems. It is mainly intended for use by people who are generating solutions to the exercises.

Guide to entries

Each entry in the table below contains the following information (the two-letter code in parenthesis is used in the table entry macros):

  • Exercise number (ex): the number of the exercise in the solutions manual.

Items marked with a * appear in the printed version of the text.

  • Directory (di): the name of the subdirectory where the exercise appears.

This does not appear in the table directly, but is used to create the link to the exercise.

  • Title (ti): a short descriptive title for the exercise.
  • Filename (fi): the base filename used for the exercise. Clicking on the

link will take you to the LaTeX source code for the exercise (requires login).

  • Solution status (st): current status of the solutions. The following

abbreviations are used:

    • C (complete) - complete solution is available
    • P (partial) - partial or preliminary solution is available
    • I (in progress) - solution is being written, but is not yet available
    • U (unavailable) - no solution is currently available
    • X (not planned) - no solution is planned
  • Author (au): initials for the author of the solutions
  • Comment (co): additional comments.

How to sign up to write a solution for an exercise:

  1. Find an exercise whose solution status is either unavailable (U) or

partial (P)

  1. Edit the table and add your name to the 're' entry in the table
  2. Add the page to your watch list so that you can see when there is a change

in status

  1. Wait until you are assigned a set of problems to work on (status will be

changed to 'I', with your initials listed in the author column.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Num Title Filename Stat Auth Comments
1.1* Occular motion eyemotion C KJA
1.2* Feedback examples fbkexamps C Misc
1.3* Human balance balance-human U Open
1.4* Cruise control redesign cruise-redesign U Open
1.5* Integral action integral C KJA
1.6* Popular press articles nytexamps C
1.7 Milk supply chain milksupply P KJA Figure missing
1.8 MATLAB cruise control cruise-mlintro P Misc Preliminary solution available; could be cleaned up
1.9 MATLAB ball and beam ballbeam-mlintro P Misc Preliminary solution available; could be cleaned up
1.10 Web search: voltage clamp voltageclamp U Give short intro plus web links
1.11 Web search: haptics and force feedback haptics U Give short intro plus web links
1.12 Anti-rollover control rollover U Give short summary of regulations