In Section 2.2, one too many parentheses in an expression for y(t)

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Edition Second
Version number 3.0h
Submission date 4 Oct 2016
Your name Kai Kirk
E-mail address
Chapter 2
Page number 2-8
Line number 12
Current status Submitted

y(t) = P(s)*e^st – C(s)*P(s)*y(t), according to the block diagram Fig 2.4.

Currently the expression is y(t) = P(s)* (e^st – C(s)*P(s)*y(t)) = P(s)*e^st – C(s)*y(t)*P(s)^2

21 Nov 16, RMM: reported multiple times. Chanud reported on 1 Oct, but Kirk gave a better fix.