HOWTO: Add an errata entry

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This HOWTO describes how to create a new errata entry. Each erratum is on a single page, with information about the location, corrected text and contributor.

Creating a new errata entry page

To add a new erratum, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Type the name of the erratum page into the search box. The erratum title should be of the form

    Errata: Description of erratum in page independent manner
    The text should identify where the error occurs, but not refer to any specific page (since these change between editions). See the errata page for examples of how to do this.

  2. Click on the 'create this page' link in the search results. This will create a new page and put you into the editor.

  3. Enter the erratum information using the errata template by entering the following text into the new page:

     {{subst:errata template}}

  4. Save the page and then re-edit it. At this point you can fill in the required information using the documentation provided in the template.

  5. Enter the erratum into the master errata page.

How to fill in the template

The template contains a single template with entries for the following information:

  • chapter - Replace with the (capitalized) chapter name where the error occurs
  • page - Page number of the erratum
  • line - Line number of the erratum
  • contributor - Name of the contributor. Uses initials + last name (R. M. Murray)
  • date - Date on which the erratum was reported. Use the form 'DD Mon YY' (5 Apr 08)
  • version - Version in which the erratum occurred (usually 'First printing')
  • text - Text for the description of the error and the fix. This can be multiple lines, but can't include templates