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(Textbook Contents)
(Textbook Contents)
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{{chaptertable left}}
{{chaptertable left}}
== Textbook Contents ==
== Textbook Contents ==
{{am05pdf|am08-loopsyn|30Jan08|Frequency Domain Synthesis|}}
{{am05pdf|am08-loopsyn|30Jan08|Frequency Domain Design|}}
* 1. A Basic Feedback Loop
* 1. A Basic Feedback Loop
* 2. Performance Specifications
* 2. Performance Specifications

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In this chapter we continue to explore the use of frequency domain techniques for design of feedback systems. We begin with a more thorough description of the performance specifications for controls systems, and then introduce the concept of "loop shaping" as a mechanism for designing controllers in the frequency domain. We also introduce some fundamental limitations to performance for systems with right half plane poles and zeros.

Textbook Contents

Frequency Domain Design (pdf, 30Jan08)

  • 1. A Basic Feedback Loop
  • 2. Performance Specifications
  • 3. Feedback Design via Loop Shaping
  • 4. Fundamental Limitations
  • 5. Design Example
  • 6. Further Reading
  • 7. Exercises

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