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Feedback Systems

An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers
Karl J. Åström and Richard M. Murray

Welcome to FBSwiki. This is the wiki for the text Feedback Systems by Karl J. Åström and Richard M. Murray. On this site you will find the complete text of the book as well as additional examples, exercises, and frequently asked questions.

  • 24 Feb 07: Version 2.5c of the book is being posted over the next few weeks. Since some text has moved between chapters, there may be a few wrinkles in the later chapters (eg, repeated material) until we get through the entire pass. Using Version 2.4a is you need a consistent version of all of the chapters.
  • 9 Oct 06: An errata list for Version 2.4a has been posted.
  • 16 Sep 06: Version 2.4a is now posted. This version is being used in Caltech CDS 101/110.

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These wiki pages augment the main text with discipline-specific materials.

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