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FBSwiki has been created as an online resource for the textbook Feedback Systems by Karl J. Astrom and Richard M. Murray. This wiki contains information that is intended to be useful for readers in understanding the material as well as instructors who want to use the text for a class.

The main pages can only be changed by registered users, who must be approved by the authors. User comments on the wiki are welcome and all talk pages can be edited by anonymous users, allowing additional content to be added by anyone. To edit a talk page, simply click on the "discussion" tab associated with the page and enter your comments.

  • Anonymous edits of talk page has been turns off due to abuses by spambots

Pages with Additional Information

  • Information for Instructors - links to information for instructors who would like to use the text for their course
  • Information for Authors - links to information for registered users who would like to add to the wiki pages
  • Information for Developers - documentation regarding how this wiki is configured and some of the changes that have been made to the MediaWiki software.
  • Writing Roadmap (private page) - information for internal use (not publically readable)