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Listed below are links to a collection of articles from the popular press about feedback and control systems. Choose any one of the articles and describe the feedback system using the terminology given in class and the course text. In particular, identify the control system in the article and describe (a) the underlying process or system being controlled, along with the (b) sensor, (c) actuator and (d) computational element. If the some of the information is not available in the article, indicate this and take a guess at what might have been used.

  • Computers Chase the Checkered Flag, New York Times, June 2004.
  • Steady, Ready, Shoot: Making a Camera Hold Still, New York Times, June 2004.
  • The Bionic Running Shoe, New York Times, May 2004.
  • Shifting Gears, With the Help of Software, New York Times, December 2002.
  • For Spy in the Sky, New Eyes, New York Times, June 2001.