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== Supplemental Information ==
== Supplemental Information ==
* [[#Errata|Errata]]
* [http://www-control.eng.cam.ac.uk/extras/Virtual_Library/Control_VL.html Control Engineering Virtual Library]
* [http://www-control.eng.cam.ac.uk/extras/Virtual_Library/Control_VL.html Control Engineering Virtual Library]
{{chaptertable end}}
{{chaptertable end}}

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The bibliography contains information on all citations in the book. Note that the bibliography uses an alphanumberic tag format, so that the bibliography can be updated as the text is written.

Textbook Contents

Bibliography (pdf, 30Jan08)

Supplemental Information

Online References

The following notes, reports and books are available online.

<span id=Bec05 /> [Bec05] "Feedback for physicists: A tutorial essay on control", Review of Modern Physics, 77:783, 2005 (reprint).

<span id=DFT92 /> [DFT92] Feedback Control Theory, J. C. Doyle, B. Francis, A. Tannenbaum, MacMillan, 1992.

<span id=Lew03 /> [Lew03] A Mathematical Approach to Classical Control, A. D. Lewis, 2003.

<span id=Mur03 /> [Mur03] Control in an Information Rich World, R. M. Murray (ed), 2003.

Books and Articles

The following books and articles are referenced in the wiki but are not generally available online (or required a license to access). Links to the homepages for the resources, when available, have been included and can be used to purchase or download.

<span id=Lew92 /> [Lew92] Applied Optimal Control and Estimation, F. L. Lewis, Prentice-Hall, 1992. (Chapter 1, A Brief History of Feedback Control, available online)

Additional References