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This page collects the running examples for AM05 as well as additional examples that have been contributed by the authors and others.

Running Examples

AM05 contains a set of running examples that are used throughout the text. These examples have been chosen to span multiple application areas of feedback and control systems. The links below go to dedicated pages for each running example, where you can find a summary of the example and additional information beyond what is in the text.

Additional Examples

Chapter Matrix

The table below shows the examples that are included in each chapter, broken down by type of example:

  • Running examples - these examples are derived from specific application areas and are used throughout the text.
  • Canonical examples - these are examples of "canonical" systems that arise frequently in the feedback and controls literature

The location of a primary description of a given model is typeset in bold. Examples that are planned for later inclusion in the text are italicized.

Chapter Running Examples Canonical Examples Other Examples
Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • Centrifugal governor
  • Thermostat
Chapter 2 - System Modeling