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To create a new errata page, use the following steps:

  1. Use the search box to create a page with a title of the form Errata: Short description of the error. You do this by typing the title into search bar and then selecting "create page" on the search result.
  2. Generate a template for the page by entering the following text for the page and saving it:
    {{subst:errata template}}
  3. Edit the page again and it will be populated with solution that looks like the following:
    {{errata page
    | chapter = coreproc
    | page = 33
    | line = -18 to -7
    | contributor = 
    | date = 5 Sep 2014
    | revision = 5785
    | version = 1.1a
    | text = 
    Text for the page goes here.   Use <math> ... </math> to create equations.

    Fill in the information requested. For the chapter, use the name of the directory where that chapter resides. For the revision, use the svn revision number where the bug has been fixed.

  4. Save the page and then check to make sure it shows up properly on the Errata page. If your changes are not shown on the errata page, trying editing and saving the Errata page (without making any changes). If that doesn't work, send e-mail to Richard.