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November 2011

As for the background on the strip I don’t know if there’s much more to say. At the beginning of my junior year I realized that I enjoyed the math part of physics much more than the rest and that maybe I would do well to double major. I asked a friend to loan me one of his math text books so I could see what it’s like. As you are probably aware analysis is the kind of math one doesn’t study outside math programs so the book was an apt choice. I took it with me to Sicily that summer when I went to visit family for two months or so. Given the lack of any other English books and scarcity of the internet back then, I had little else to read. I went through the book once, then twice, and by the time I’d gotten through the axiomatic definition of e I had made my choice to major in Math. As an afterthought I decided to write a thank you card to my friend for loaning me the book in the form of a short comic strip about it’s adventures in Italy. When I got back my friends liked it so I made a couple more. By that time I was working on the
Heuristic Squelch (the UC Berkley humor magazine) so I got some good advice about shopping it around to get more exposure.

Currently I work as a software developer where sadly, my math skills are not as directly applicable as one would hope. That being said the habits of mind I formed in thinking clearly are definitely useful. In my spare time I’m working on a software game/physics simulation of bubbles that does indeed use everything I learned in college, from physics to math. Ironically, I never returned my borrowed copy of ECA as my friend gave it to me in appreciation for the comic (he was also the producer of my short film). I still have it sitting on my shelf.

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