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Jerry Marsden’s work has had influences on people in unique ways. One has been to inspire Tommaso Sciortino, a UC Berkeley Physics student to major in Mathematics after reading a borrowed copy of Elementary Classical Analysis (ECA).

Tommaso was also inspired to develop “ECA” as a character in a comic strip for The Daily Californian | Berkeley’s Newspaper.

In May 2011, Tommaso wrote:

“I’m sorry to hear Marsden passed away. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to know him (I never took any of his classes) but I certainly have fond memories of his clear and concise book which was a big reason I decided to major in Math.”

“I’d be happy to share stories about the creation of the ECA comic strip
but I’m afraid that beyond his wonderful book the comic strip is only tangentially related to Marsden the man.”


In a letter to Jerry for copyright permission, circa 2000, Tommaso wrote:

During the dulldrums of the summer I took pen to paper and in accordance with my artist side drew a small comic book called “My Summer Vacation” by Elementary Classical Analysis. The basic joke being that I told of my summer activities from the point of view of the book I was reading. At any rate, many people enjoyed it and so I undertook to write further half-page adventures for ECA which I later compiled into another comic book (enclosed). Under the advice of a staff member of the student paper “The Daily Californian” I submitted my works and have received some good feedback.”   more

the letter :  [ pdf ]


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