Alexander von Humboldt & Max Planck Research Awards


J E R R O L D  E L D O N  M A R S D E N:
Humboldt Research Award: 29 November 1989
Max Planck Research Award: 27 September 2000


Alexander von Humboldt Foundation grants Research Awards to
internationally renowned academics from abroad in recognition of their entire academic record to date. In addition, award winners are invited, in cooperation with their specialist colleagues, to carry out research
projects of their own choice in Germany for a period ranging from about six months to an entire year.

In November 1989, this award was granted to Jerry. In particular, he spent the first half of the year 1991 in Hamburg on that award to continue our work on some joint research projects in Geometric Mechanics. I worked as a professor at the university there at that time. Also, in Hamburg, Jerry wrote one of his trend setting books, namely “Lectures in Mechanics” which appeared in the Lecture Note Series, no. 174, of the London Mathematical Society published by Cambridge University Press in 1992.

Later Jerry came back to Hamburg and Munich as well as to other places in Germany several times for shorter visits on that award as well as on a second prize which he received in Germany.

In addition to the Alexander von Humboldt Research Award, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Max Planck Society jointly confer the so-called Max Planck Research Award, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, on exceptionally qualified scientists and scholars from all over the world who have already achieved international recognition and are expected to continue to produce outstanding academic results in international collaborations—not least with the assistance of this award. This is one of the most prestigeous research awards granted within Germany. The award is intended to finance the award winner’s academic work and it may be used for all purposes directly related to this research—with the objective of initiating and carrying out research work with partners in Germany and abroad. A significant proportion of the award money is intended to be used to integrate students and junior scientists from Germany and abroad into the research work funded by the Max Planck Research Award. The call for nominations for these awards rotates on an annual basis between partial fields within the natural and engineering sciences, the life sciences and the humanities.

The Max Planck Research Award for Mathematics and Informatics was awarded to Jerry on November 29, 2000, at a gala ceremony with 12 awardees in Berlin. During his visit Jerry gave a talk entitled: With New Equations to Jupiter.

From Notes by Juergen Scheurle
October 24, 2011

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