November 17, 2008:

 For the latest information and help with TeX on Mac OS X, visit
 the MacTeX-wiki site at:

 The current version of the MacTeX Distribution is at

March 3, 2007:

 These FAQ wiki pages are in transition.

 The wiki was started in 2006 for the first release of the
 MacTeX (2005-2006) package.

 As of February 22, 2007, a new MacTeX-2007 package was released
 and the information on some of these wiki pages may not yet
 be uptodate for 2007.

These are the MacTeX FAQ wiki pages for the most Frequently asked Questions about the MacTeX Distribution and MacTeX Installer.

At the end of some of the Q&A posts on the FAQ pages there may be a signature in the form [~XY], where XY are the intials of the contributors who posted answers to questions posed on Gary Gray's Mac-TeX Mailing List at Penn State University. Join this mailing list if you have general questions about LaTeX on MacOS X. Answers to many general LaTeX questions can be found in the Mailing List Archive

There are also mailing lists for XeTeX and ConTeXt. The links on how to join can be found here.

The MacTeX Homepage is at


maintained by members of the MacTeX Technical Working Group of TUG.

For an overview of what is out there for TeX on MacOS X go to the website


This wiki has replaced the former website at Penn State University which was maintained by Gary Gray and Joseph Slater.

An introduction to LaTeX on MacOS X for newbies can be found at


It is maintained by Stephan Hochhaus.


   If you have problems with editing this wiki, please send email to:
   mactex-support (at) tug (dot) org