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CDS 101/110 - MATLAB/SIMULINK TutorialCDS 101/110 - Python Tutorial
CDS 101/110a, Fall 2009CDS 101/110a, Fall 2009 - Course ScheduleCDS 101/110a, Fall 2009 - FAQ
CDS 101/110a, Fall 2009 - Recitation ScheduleCDS 101/110a, Fall 2009 - TA AssignmentsCDS 101/110a, Fall 2009 - TA Kick-off Meeting
CDS 101/110a, Fall 2010CDS 101/110a, Fall 2010 - Course ScheduleCDS 101/110a, Fall 2010 - FAQ
CDS 101/110a, Fall 2010 - Recitation ScheduleCDS 101/110a, Fall 2011CDS 101/110a, Fall 2011 - Course Schedule
CDS 101/110a, Fall 2012CDS 101/110a, Fall 2012 - Course ScheduleCDS 101/110a, Fall 2012 - Recitation Schedule
CDS 101/110a, Fall 2013CDS 101/110a, Fall 2013 - Course ScheduleCDS 101/110a, Fall 2013 - Recitation Schedule
CDS 101/110a, Fall 2014CDS 101/110a, Fall 2014 - Course ScheduleCDS 101/110a, Fall 2014 - Recitation Schedule
CDS 101/110a - FAQCDS 110b, Winter 2010CDS 110b, Winter 2010 - Course Schedule
CDS 110b, Winter 2011CDS 110b, Winter 2011 - Course Schedule
CDS 140, Winter 2016CDS 140a Winter 2016 Homework 1CDS 140b, Spring 2012
CDS 210 - Stability AnalysisCan we spend more time reviewing second order ODEs?Course textbook is available online
Derivative of a real-valued function w.r.t a vector?Does the shape of an orbit determine its stability?How do I create a FAQ for CDS 101/110?
In the speed control model, can you elaborate what each variable means?Main PageSIMULINK doesn't run
Test FAQUselessStatisticsWhat is disturbance rejection?
What is your accent?When/where is the MATLAB/SIMULINK tutorial?Why are the elements of the block diagram written in that specific order?
Will the beginning of any control system be an open loop?
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