CDS 101/110a, Fall 2009 - TA Kick-off Meeting

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  • Review the structure and features of CDS 101/110a
  • Decide on assignments of tasks for the term


CDS 101 vs. CDS 110a

  • Two courses taught through shared lectures
  • CDS 101: principles and tools; aimed at non-specialists
  • CDS 110: principles, tools and derivations: aimed at engineering audience
  • Monday lecture: overview of material for the week; shared
  • Wednesday lecture: CDS 110 only; more detailed analysis, proofs, etc

Course Statistics

  • ~30 enrolled students, 50% of last year.

Teaching Techniques

  • Course wiki
  • Mud cards
  • MP3 files for lectures
  • Hours reported on homework
  • Background, midterm and final surveys

Recitation Sections

TA Assigments


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