CDS 101/110a, Fall 2009 - Recitation Schedule

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CDS 101/110a Schedule Recitations FAQ AM08 (errata)


The purpose of the recitation sections is to provide additional insight into the material for the week, including answer questions on specific topics of interests to the students in that section. The TAs leading the recitation will generally work through one problem from the homework set so that students can see what is expected on the homeworks and how the tools from the course can be applied. (Note: students must still work through and turn in the problem that the TAs work through and what you turn in must reflect your understanding of the problem.)

Recitations for CDS 101/110a will be on Fridays from 2--3 pm unless otherwise noted. Each recitation session is tuned for a slightly different audience and we have made initial assignments based on the course you are taking, the option you are in, and your class standing (So, Jr, Sr, G1, G2, etc).

Section 1: CDS 101

This section is designed for students who do not have lots of prior coursework in linear algebra, ordinary differential equations or complex variables. All students in CDS 101 are initially assigned to this section.

  • TA: Ophelia Venturelli
  • Location: 214 STL
  • Aaron Wilkowski (u)
  • Kim Scott
  • Zenan Chang
  • Kenneth Yu
  • Alexandre Boulgakov (u)
  • Jenny Xiong

Section 2: Mechanical Systems

  • TA: Andrea Censi
  • Location: 206 TOM
  • Julianne Gould
  • Aditya Bhujle
  • Jeff Amelang
  • Cheik Mbengue
  • Swati Bhanderi
  • Albert Ho
  • Aaron Towne
  • Michael Gherini
  • Noah Tanabe
  • Colin Ely
  • Marshall Grinstead
  • Christine Fuller
  • Michelle Jiang
  • Trevor Currie
  • Thomas Allen
  • Melissa Tanner

Section 3: Bioengineering

  • TA: cisco
  • Location: 306 TOM
  • Esther Shyu
  • Devin Trudeau
  • Jeff Flanigan
  • Yao Sha
  • Kiefer Aguilar
  • Rong Lin
  • Cheng-hao Chien
  • Dongyang Kang (u)
  • Christine Woodin
  • Hyoung Jun Ahn
  • Kevin Welch
  • Emmanuel Lorenzo
  • Nagarajan Nandagopal
  • Alborz Mahdavi
  • Shaun Maguire
  • Hamed Hamze
  • Lily Li
  • Ji Young Lee
  • Erik Madsen
  • Riley Franks
  • Oren Schaedel
  • Ga-Il Lee

Section 4: Off-Hours Recitation

This section is held on Fridays from 3--4 pm in 142 KCK. No one will be initially assigned to this section, but everyone is welcome to attend this (and all) recitations.

  • TA: Noele Norris
  • Location: 142 Keck

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