CDS 101/110 - MATLAB/SIMULINK Tutorial

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CDS 101/110a Schedule Recitations FAQ AM08 (errata)

  • A Matlab/Simulink tutorial will be held in 328 SFL on Friday, Oct. 2 from 3:30--5:30 pm (by Andrea Censi). An additional session may be scheduled to accomodate those who are unable to attend.
  • Please bring your laptop with Matlab installed if possible; if not, a laptop will be provided.
  • The review will cover Matlab and Simulink capabilities that are needed for this class. Some of the more basic and broad capabilities will only be briefly mentioned; for more information on basic syntax and capabilities, please see this introductory presentation: Matlab Intro
  • Files needed for the tutorial: queue_admcontrol.m, admcontrol_fcn.m

Licensing Problems

  • From Doug:

Note that last year there were a number of problems with students getting the MATLAB license installed, but not noting the separate licensing step for SIMULINK. Caltech has 75 (FA08) SIMULINK licenses, and practically infinite MATLAB licenses, but once you use a given Toolbox or SIMULINK, I don’t think MATLAB returns the license for that until it exits(?) So, it is easy to tie up SIMULINK licenses by not exiting.

  • From Max:

If you are still having problems, I have a strong suspicion that it has nothing to do with the number of licenses Caltech has. Before you try anything else, go to and go back to your downloads. Click on Matlab as if you were going to download it and then when you get to the screen where you can actually download the software there should be a link that says 'Click for installation instructions'. This page has instructions on how you need to update your 'network.lic' file in Matlab source folder.

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