About SCedit

Though not identical to the Macintosh version of TypeIt4Me, SCedit attempts to include all of the essential functionality of the Macintosh version, with a few consessions to differences in the operating systems.

The shortcut files that make up FasTeX are necessarily different on the MAC and UNIX operating systems, but both are derived from a common base file, so portability between MAC and UNIX platforms introduces no incompatibilities.

The SCedit program works by isolating an editor program of the user's choice from the keyboard and screen (window). All interaction between the user and the editor is intercepted by the SCedit program, which performs the shortcut expansions.

The SCedit program will run on most versions of UNIX operating systems. The main requirement is that the UNIX platform have a recent version (5.7.0 or later) of the Expect program installed.

To get the SCedit shar file click here.

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